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First choice for intelligent noise management

Responsible operators who demand sustainability without sacrificing performance choose Echo Barrier. Our acoustic technology provides smart, cost-effective noise control solutions for a wide variety of projects.

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Echo Barrier's modular systems are designed to be easily and quickly deployed anywhere. They can be moved by one person, and attached to almost any structure. They can be easily modified fit any work environment. They are durable, weatherproof, and waterproof. Most importantly, they are tremendously effective at reducing noise.

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Our full range of acoustic barriers are officially certified as 100% weatherproof to IPX6 and IPX9 - BS EN 60529:1992. We put our finished products to the test, and they are certified waterproof. Even in a downpour, they don't absorb water.
Our panels use a special sound-absorbing composite material which allows them to work to full effect in all weather conditions.

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Corporate image

Echo Barrier panels deliver more than just outstanding performance. They're a great way to improve and spread your company's image too. Our panels are designed to carry corporate branding; they're like multi-purpose billboards that always look like new, conveying a positive message for your company. The panels are hand-finished for outstanding durability and visual flair. They can be printed with logos, community care messages, and more. Their Class 5 PVC exterior won't fade in the sunlight, and can be jet-washed.

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Market-leading durability

Echo Barrier's hand-finished products are made from the highest quality, most advanced materials. Our barriers last up to five times longer than our competitors' products, and can have a lifespan of more than 10 years. Because our barriers are waterproof, their performance doesn't diminish in damp or rainy conditions, and they are resistant to extreme temperatures (from -40° F to 158° F)

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Exceptional acoustic performance

With its award-winning system of acoustic panels, Echo Barrier offers world-leading intelligent noise management. Our products are so effective thanks to our high-tech composite, which cushions and absorbs noise by up to 100% at certain frequencies. At low frequencies, our composite vastly outperforms conventional noise-absorbing materials. Echo Barrier's noise reduction barriers are lightweight and easy to transport. They're designed to adapt to changes in requirements and circumstances. They can be linked vertically and laterally to create an acoustic curtain or wall, and they can be doubled up to make a thicker barrier with increased noise attenuation.
Echo Barrier aims to offer you unbeatable performance no matter your noise-management challenge.

Our Story

Echo Barrier was founded by Peter Wilson, an acoustics expert with over 30 years direct experience in acoustic engineering. Peter had seen first hand the problems caused by noise pollution, and understood that fresh solutions were needed to improve conditions at both worksites and live events.

With a pioneering approach and deep commitment to innovation and R&D he launched his temporary acoustic barriers in 2010, and the subsequent pick-up from the market has proved remarkable. Echo Barrier have been improving conditions for manpower and communities ever since.

Echo Barrier's commitment to quality made us an industry leader, with contacts in fields such as construction, roadwork, rail, energy, power, mining, and event planning.

Echo Barrier products were used in the construction of One World Trade Center in New York, the London 2012 Olympics, and the Sydney Light Railway.

At Echo Barrier we strive for constant innovation. We aim to lead the world at combating noise pollution while maintaining our commitment to sustainability.



Echo Barrier is born and the world’s market leading noise control solution is launched

Acoustics expert Peter Wilson introduces his new acoustic barriers to the market.
They’ve been helping construction, rail and live events companies, and local authorities cut noise pollution all around the world ever since.


Success in the 'Noise Oscars'

Echo Barrier win great acclaim from the Noise Abatement Society with a John Connell award commendation.
The company moves into its HQ in Sudbury, Suffolk, UK.


Further innovation

The new Echo H3 barriers and H20 acoustic enclosures are launched.
Unprecedented demand sees the company opening new offices.
Official classification of our products as waterproof, cold-resistant and fire-resistant, after passing tough standards.
The company receives a 5-star rating from the Carbon Trust.


Echo Barrier wins landmark deal with US giant United Rentals

Performance and innovation march hand in hand.
The Echo H3 barrier gets a new sound-damping core, and now reduces noise by up to 30db.
The company introduces the new and improved H20 acoustic enclosure.
The H2, PB3, SG3 and H3 barriers pass stringent MIRA wind tests.
Echo Barrier signs a landmark deal with United Rentals.
With success increasing fast Echo Barrier move to new larger premises in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.


Further expansion and a new range of barriers

Echo Barrier continues to grow and expand in the US
Echo Barrier launches a new range of barrier and enclosures, expanding and improving options for contractors


New products and the start of US manufacturing

Echo Barrier opens its first US manufacturing plant in Minnesota producing barriers for the North American market The new range of H series barriers launched, the H9 and H10


43dB and expansion to Dublin

Exhaustive lab tests on the H9 and H10 show that maximum attenuation is now up to a world beating 43dB . In further expansion, Echo Barrier opens new offices in Dublin

The team puts innovation and on-site performance at the heart of everything we do. We’re constantly developing new ways to improve noise control so that our customers can be confident our products really work.

Peter Wilson, Technical Director, Echo Barrier

We’ve needed a meticulous approach, rigorous testing, and an overall commitment to quality design to establish the world’s best temporary noise control solutions. That is how our team innovate continually, creating best-in-class products that keep pushing the envelope further—we’ve moved transmission loss and acoustic absorption forward.

We believe in excellence in the lab and in the field, creating products that endure and perform in the toughest conditions. Hand-finished, high-spec, weather and waterproof. Excellence is our watchword.

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Service & technical support

Our experts have a deep and thorough understanding of our products. Our barriers are tested extensively to ensure they deliver maximum performance. If you need our input, you can call us on our 24/7 phone lines or we can visit your work site. We'll work with you to figure out the best ways to assemble, deploy, and take down our barriers.

Customer Service

We are committed to protecting the environment

Echo Barrier stops noise pollution, helping protect workers and local communities.
We take noise pollution seriously. According to the World Health Organization, "noise pollution is considered not only an environmental nuisance, but a threat to public health". Noise pollution poses a threat for more than 30% of the world's population. Noise pollution isn't just an inconvenience; too much exposure to loud noise increases stress and can contribute to cardiovascular disease.

Echo Barrier is committed to protecting the environment. We use recycled materials when possible and never use hazardous sunstances in our products.

We minimize waste by allowing customers to return used barriers to us to be recycled or disposed of according to Carbon Trust guidelines.

Echo Barrier has a 5-star rating from the Carbon Trust for our carbon footprint. We're also on track to meet the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.

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